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Basic Training Program. Registration Info. Friday, 04 April 2014 17:26
Information About Reigstering For The Basic Training Program: Read more
2014 Cycle I Calendar Monday, 27 January 2014 15:29
- Saturday, February 1st (3:30PM - 7PM) Family Day @ Kennedy Stichting, Attendance for trainees is mandatory. Friends, Family, Kids, P... Read more


SAAF Kids Trailer

Youtube Gallery - Free Version

It was (is) a lifelong dream of the producers of SAAF to someday create and develop programs that include Athletics and Arts that would provide opportunities for Youth At Risk to be productive.

SAAF in Paramaribo Suriname, now sponsors the training of hundreds of kids across the country. These kids participate daily within the training programs and develop healthy lifestyle disciplines. They improve their physical conditioning, lose weight and learn how to stay physically healthy. They additionally develop teamwork and time management skills. And most importantly, they are exposed to positive mentors that guide them towards physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and professional success.

Please see youth interviews that features some of these great kids!