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This is such an exciting area to visit (and share). it offers insight from persons around the world who graduated our program(s) and continued on to be coaches! Additionally, the medical professionals, high level executives and heads of state that have participated within the development of our programs and supported us along the way are contributors for this blog and forum. The information within is priceless! It should be copied and pasted into your health journals and reviewed from time to time. There are a few thousand years of experience collectively that make up the SAAF CAMP Foundation. We all are dedicated to being ambassadors of health and sharing our knowledge base with you. As a general practice, you should always do your own due diligence prior to implementing any suggestions or advice into personal health recipes. The number one doctrine for all of us is to focus on Prevention! Prevention is a far better agenda to prioritize over Treatment. Health Education is the building block for strong foundations that support and encourage Prevention.

Blog And Forum Guideline(s): 1. Please keep all content health related. 2. Refrain from being rude in any way shape or form. Be constructive. 3. Try to help each other learn and master healthy lifestyle practices and disciplines. 4. If you are an author, make sure that you content has been thoroughly researched and provide links to validate the sources. Never plagiarize! If you use someone else's content, give them credit for it! 5. It is okay for anyone to READ and COMMENT in ALL Blogs and Forums. However, you may only author a blog or moderate a forum in the correlating area. Newbies author in the Newbie area. Trainees and Graduates in their area and so on.

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