Trainee & Graduate Authors ...

How are you doing? Did you break up with bad habits? Is living healthier boring?

We always hear that it is "boring" to live healthier. "It's expensive and difficult" to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Now that you have dove into it ... how are you maintaining it? What are some of the "myths" that you have found to be true or not? Share your tips with us on what has made you fail in the past and now be successful in the present? What is your biggest challenge ahead?

Blog And Forum Guideline(s): 1. Please keep all content health related. 2. Refrain from being rude in any way shape or form. Be constructive. 3. Try to help each other learn and master healthy lifestyle practices and disciplines. 4. If you are an author, make sure that you content has been thoroughly researched and provide links to validate the sources. Never plagiarize! If you use someone else's content, give them credit for it! 5. It is okay for anyone to READ and COMMENT in ALL Blogs and Forums. However, you may only author a blog or moderate a forum in the correlating area. Newbies author in the Newbie area. Trainees and Graduates in their area and so on.

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