Are You Ready?

How do participants and medical professionals worldwide feel about SAAF CAMP?


Participants ...

When you ask people that have participated within our programs ... What are the best experiences of your life? The majority of them will say (in no particular order) ... marriage, child birth, graduating school ... and SAAF CAMP. SAAF CAMP is an experience to be cherished. People come in from all different backgrounds, denominations and social status positions. They all share the common goal of making their health a priority. They come in as strangers and leave as colleagues, friends, business partners and even spouses! We have seen wounded relationships repaired. Parents and kids reinforce their bonding (or create new bonds). The infertile become fertile! There are so many SAAF CAMP babies! Most commonly, we witness people falling back in love with themselves. Self esteem boosted. Confidence boosted. Motivation boosted. The desire to make YOU #1 becomes second nature.

We have over 4,000 graduates and 100s of medical professionals worldwide that support and endorse our programs. Listen to some of their comments (via video clips) Here.