Article: 10 Minute Challenge ...

Celebrate Health with a “10 a day” Challenge ... By Keith Dorsette      

Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs) are conditions that are directly related to being overweight and or having poor conditioning. They include heart attack, stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure, chronic lung diseases and a handful of others. NCDs are the leading cause of death worldwide (more than half), yet a survey taken (in NYC) among 1,000 persons in September of 2015 revealed that approximately 11% of the people know what they are. Even fewer have an idea of how to prevent them. Education and breaking up with a few lifestyle habits can help us all remain NCD Free. NCDs are PREVENTABLE!

If you like a challenge, take the “10 a day” challenge. While you are waiting for a bus, train, standing in a line for a good or service or simply walking any given street to your destination … count 10 random people that you pass (or pass you). Make a mental note of who is visually overweight and who is not. If you count to 10 as me, my siblings, my medical support team or the participants of our health program (SAAF CAMP), chances are your count will resemble a 50/50 split or be slightly higher towards the overweight side.   Resolve: We are accepting “unhealthy bodies” as the norm.  We can change that to reduce the number of overweight people.  Next, during the “10 a Day” challenge try to include just 10 minutes of research (make sure the source is reputable) that relates to “healthy lifestyle” practices. For example, do an online search that involves an item, product or practice that you (your body) currently have a relationship with, such as “sugar”; What is sugar? Consequences of too much?  Safer alternatives? Etc. This “10 a day” challenge will contribute to your educational toolbox and encourage you to build healthier practices, disciplines and methods to prevent NCDs, improve the quality of your life and ultimately extend your life!

It is not possible to share with you the many “tools” available in the “extend your life toolbox” in such a short amount of time, space or words. Healthy lifestyle practices, disciplines and methodologies are best ingested a “small portion at a time” in contrast to a “full course at a single sitting”. In other words, these tools are better learned and absorbed (digested) a little at a time, short bursts of info, in contrast to long speeches.

SAAF CAMP invites YOU to Have Fun while YOU Celebrate Health! New Program in Brooklyn NYC begins in April. 1 Hour/Day. 3x/Week. 3 Months in Total. Graduation at Brooklyn College (if you make it through the three months)! For $10/Hour you can learn and develop tools that will help you build a Healthy Body, Healthy Lifestyle, Reduce Your Risks for NCD’s and Extend Your Life! –Keith Dorsette is the developer and senior trainer for the SAAF CAMP NCD Prevention and Health and Wellness Program. He is also the Health And Wellness correspondent for the SAAF CAMP TV Show. Visit Us At: