Article: SAAF guide to a Covid Free Life ... No Vaccines Needed

SAAF guide to a Covid Free Life …  No Vaccines Needed! - By Keith Dorsette         


Materials Needed | Oranges, grapefruit, lemon, lime, ginger, turmeric, cayenne pepper, cinnamon, fresh peppermint, sea moss, moringa ...

Daily Consumption Staples | Consume at least 4 servings of citrus daily (in any combo). Make sure to save the peels! Keep in the fridge until needed (within a day or two) | Drink at least two servings (8oz) of hot tea. It can be fresh peppermint, ginger, turmeric or moringa (combo these is a plus plus) with lemon or lime (save the peels) | Infuse sea moss into your diet, minimum of one serving daily. It may be via smoothie or as per your creative efforts. *Sea moss and cinnamon is a great combo. A serving of sea moss may be 1-2 tablespoons. Regarding it's preparation, soak it overnight. Rinse. Repeat. Place in blender with some water at or below the highest point of the moss in the blender). It will have a gel like consistency. Store it in the fridge (try to avoid plastic containers) and use as needed | Infuse chile pepper into your day! Within your recipes and dash it within fresh juices.

Daily/Bi Weekly Practices | *If you are currently congested and or have a fever, this can be daily. Other than that, a time or two each week is a sure plus!
Bring 2-4 quarts of water to a boil | Place citrus rinds/peels into the pot along with fresh peppermint (mint) | Lower the heat to the point where the boiling lessens and the steam is continuous | As per your tolerance, hover over the pot (be careful not to burn your face off) and inhale the vapors/steam | Take slow deep breaths with your nose at first. Establish your tolerance threshhold for this so you arrive at a comfort zone. Establish a comfy distance from the surface area of the water to the plane of your face. You should be able to inhale hot air comfortably without getting burned in any way | You will begin to feel you nasal passage open up, this is normal and what you want to happen. Congestion will liquefy. You can let it drop out or wipe/blow you nose | When you begin to feel this, begin taking deep slow breaths with your mouth. Practice holding the breaths for at least 10 seconds and release (exhale) slowly over the same time frame (10 sec). If you cannot do 10 seconds, build up to it at your own pace | Alternate breathing in the hot air, nose, mouth, nose mouth | Continue this process for at least 15 minutes (you can continue as long as you want to or if you are very congested, make the session longer)
Notes to remember | Your body's immune system is very important to help you defend against harmful bacteria. The citrus family is well rooted in it's contributions towards a strong immune system | Ginger and tumeric have strong roots with contributing to a healthy thriving immune system | Cinnamon and cayenne pepper contribute to a strong healthy metabolism. Think of your metabolism as a means of managing energy and your immune system for managing pathogens (disease causing organisms). A healthy immune system relies on energy! | Our bodies require minerals to perform optimally, 102 of them! Sea moss has the majority of those minerals. A couple of tablespoons of sea moss every other day or so is a big plus for your mineral needs | Saving the best for last ... moringa is in short a true super food in the truest sense of the word. Please indulge yourself researching the wonderful world of the moringa plant and it's benefits for our bodies. For now, just use it because grandma says "it's good for you"! I will stand by that statement 100%, lol
Closing | You should not wait until a crisis (Carona Covid-19) is mainstream to be overly concerned about your heatlh. Without minimizing the hazards of Covid-19, there are far more greater threats to us as human beings. Every day we are subject to a cocktail of ailments that are far more lethal than Covid-19. Globally, alcohol related deaths kill 13,000+ people daily, nicotine 19,000+ daily, non communicable diseases 200,000+ daily, yet collectively, they receive no all out effort call to action for their disruption and resolve. You may reflect on your own as to why that is ... | Your best defense to ward off pathogens, harmful bacteria and conditions that can lead to premature demise is changing your lifestyle habits, practices and disciplines. Every day your awareness levels of what you consume and the amount of activity you involve yourself in needs to be monitored and managed. Strive daily for eating unprocessed foods, avoiding added sugar, drinking at least half a gallon of water and 20 minutes of exercise. These practices are your starting points. These practices will ensure your immunity system is healthy at all times. These practices can and will Save Your Life!

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