Newbie Authors ...

Content ... What motivates you to make your health #1 now? 

Pick out question or two from below and share your comments with us. Inspire us to take action and to cheer for you along the way!

What is your motivation to pay more attention to your health now? What has taken you so long to make this decision? When were you ever in great shape and totally loved what you saw in the mirror? What are you health goals now? If you get accepted into SAAF CAMP, why won't you quit? 

Blog And Forum Guideline(s): 1. Please keep all content health related. 2. Refrain from being rude in any way shape or form. Be constructive. 3. Try to help each other learn and master healthy lifestyle practices and disciplines. 4. If you are an author, make sure that you content has been thoroughly researched and provide links to validate the sources. Never plagiarize! If you use someone else's content, give them credit for it! 5. It is okay for anyone to READ and COMMENT in ALL Blogs and Forums. However, you may only author a blog or moderate a forum in the correlating area. Newbies author in the Newbie area. Trainees and Graduates in their area and so on.

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