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Process Of Becoming A SAAF Support Team Member


Not all, but the most of the places (or people) that you will engage for help in getting your health agenda together have not been in health deficit before. Most trainers are former athletes or have led very active lives before becoming a trainer. Medical professionals often have direct access to evaluate themselves as needed (and even at less cost via their relationships). In short, they have not been in the health dumps without any way out. They are well networked with other professionals that they may seek guidance or attention from. The regular person has to pay a top premium for such consultation or sessions. It's just not realistic for anyone to truly be able to relate to you unless they have been where you have been. Furthermore, these places and people see their interaction with clients as a job. Nothing more, nothing less. It is a means to get paid.

Every SAAF Support Team Member has went through a program or two of ours. It is mandatory that they graduate and then partake in an internship for a minimum of two groups before they get coach or support team member status. This process ensures that the trainees are interacting with people that know exactly what they are going through throughout our program. No team member applies for a position with us unless they wholeheartedly want to make a difference with the people that come into our programs. Working with SAAF is not a job. It is a humbling experience to take part in the progressive transformations that our programs give to the participants. We LOVE what we do. We love celebrating YOU! We care about every participant as if they were a friend or family. We go above and beyond to support your journey. Our most glorious days are those when we notice a trainee get an "ah hah" moment. It means that our teachings have hit the mark and that person is likely to succeed in accomplishing and sustaining their health goals.

All of us are dedicated to Improving the Quality of Your Life! All of us have the expertise and capacity to guide you into getting into the best shape of your life.

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