Graduating from SAAF CAMP means a lot to people for many reasons ...


So many of us either knowingly or not, neglect our health. We find ourselves face to face with having to take action because an action has either happened or we have been warned of it coming. Becoming prone to or having a severe health condition is a scary place to be. No money, jewelry, cars, houses, fancy clothes can help either of us become healthier and reduce the risk of dying early. When people make a decision to apply for entry into SAAF CAMP, they have heard it from a) their doctor, to get their butt into the program immediately or else b) they have heard it from a friend or family member that has had great success with us c) they have tried many of the for profit programs, equipment and diets available and have not succeeded with getting the desired results. When you come into SAAF, you know ahead of time that it is not easy. It is a process. It is a challenge. It is a strict, disciplined program with no tolerance for excuses. It is a means to an ends. Those ends are to make sure that YOU get your health in order. Although it is very challenging, it also is very fun! You will have an experience of a lifetime.

People participate from all races, denominations, social backgrounds, etc. They all have in common living healthier lifestyles. The majority of them (more than 70%) succeed! And, they continue to succeed for years after they graduate. When you go through such a life impacting program, it expedites and facilitates organic relationships among the participants. Everyone still must manage whatever is going on in their lives while they are in training. Life happens no matter what. Your platoon members (group, team) are going to be strangers to you at first. As the program progresses and your will to quit kicks in, those strangers of before will be the first ones to support you. When all of you graduate, you will remember your ups and downs and who was there for you during the rough tides. You will leave our program with a sense of well deserved accomplishment and pride. 

SAAF CAMP is an Ivy League Grade program that is highly respected. When you graduate from SAAF, people will trust you to mentor them with their health. You, whether you want to or not, will evolve into a health ambassador and as you mentor others, you will refine your personal approach to sustaining yourself.

Champions Of Life ... Identify: We Are SAAF!