SAAF Wont Quit

Losers make excuses. Losing in health can be very painful, expensive and can kill you.

The average person sleeps 8 hours daily. that is 1/3 third of your lifespan. When weather conditions are not optimal or comfortable, most people will retreat to laziness or non productiveness. If it rains, snows, is too cold or too hot for 15 out of every 100 days ... that translates to 15% of the days where you will allow yourself to not be as productive as possible. Adding up the 33% for the sleep time and 15% for the optimal condition time, that equals 48% of your life span. Can you wrap your thoughts around that number? When you are engaging in something that you enjoy, do you only settle for 52% of it? How would you like to have only 52% of your mom? Dad? Grandparents? Kids? Partner of spouse? Your favorite activity? Get the idea? 

When it comes to your body, your health ... there is no room for negotiation. You use your body daily, you must pay your body daily. You cannot pay your body 52% of nutrients, vitamins, exercise, etc. and expect 100% health rewards in return. You cannot hold back on your health disciplines due to non optimal weather conditions. By enforcing the disciplines of coming out of your comfort zone during inclement weather and actually being productive you are building valuable lifestyle habits that will extend your life. 

Weather is just an example that we use to enforce the discipline of not quitting. No excuses. No matter what, get the job done. That job is paying your body. When we say SAAF Won't Quit ... We Mean It! Nothing will stop us from enforcing our healthy lifestyles and disciplines. When you participate in our programs, you will learn how to and get used to winning with your health.

Champions Of Life ... Make A Pledge: SAAF Won't Quit!