SAAF Goin' All The Way

We do not stop after we reach our goal. We set additional goals.

Some people set a goal to get in shape for a competition or a season. Others put in great effort to look and feel younger. The competition passes, the summer is gone. The clothes have to be altered (again) and the make up washes away. We do not train our participants to be successful for a designated time span. We are not advocates of a temporary fix. We do not mask your progress with special garments that help you appear healthier. We train you to become masters of your own health. Naturally. No drugs. No fancy equipment. This mastery empowers you to have total control of your health agenda for a lifetime. Your goal is not just looking good for the warm weather. Your goal is to organize your health from the inside out. Rebuild your infrastructure so your body will stand strong and efficient throughout it's natural course. A SAAF CAMP body is a healthy body. It will surpass the milestones of the average person by far. When we say SAAF Goin' All The Way ... we mean that literally! You are less likely to die prematurely if you graduate our program. In fact, you will extend your life and live your golden years as condition free as possible. You want to be in shape for the summer? Or do you want to Go All The Way?

Champions Of Life ... Where We Goin': SAAF Goin' All The Way! OoRah! 

- You don't get to say the "OoRah" part until you graduate.