Program: Training Programs

Congratulations on your consideration of making your health a top priority. Thank you for your interest in our World Class Health And Wellness Programs. We have established platforms and methodologies that have achieved monumental results for thousands of people. View our program descriptions to see which one best accommodates your goals. We look forward to celebrating your success!

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Non Communicable Disease Prevention Programs:

Basic Training Program (Beginner)

Wont Quit (Intermediate)

Tune up (All Levels)

SAAF KIDS; Youth Obesity Prevention Program (All Levels)

Corporate Wellness Program (Companies And Corporations)

Government Wellness Program (City, State And National; Government Employees And General Public)

Advanced Programs

Athlete Conditioning Program

Athlete Strength Program

Personal Training Program


Special Programs

Limited Mobility Program

Assisted Living Program

Workshops Only Program

Weekend Warrior Program