Program: Assisted Living Program

Assisted Living Program

(may also contain Limited Mobility Program components) …

is designed to benefit the participants within the following areas:

i. Increase mobility

ii. Increase flexibility and blood circulation

iii. Engage dormant muscle groups

iv. Increase cardiovascular and respiratory strength

v. Educate via workshops that cover healthier options as it relates to dietary disciplines

vi. Educate via workshops what hypertension and arterial blockage is and how to avoid such conditions

vii. Keep participant’s spirits high, enthusiastic and motivated to maintain healthy lifestyle practices and disciplines.

Ultimately, extend their life and ensure they are as condition free as possible in the latter years of their life stage.



  • On site delivery of program (if facility has a community space available). If not, a nearby facility may be engaged.
  • Minimum Size Group: 30 Persons
  • Time Slots: To Be Determined
  • Time Investment (for participants): Orientation (2 hours), Registration (2 hours), 36 Physical Sessions … 1 Hour Per Day, 3x Per Week, Three Month Span (36 hours In total), One Day of Educational Workshops (6 hours in total) and Two Family Days (8 hours in total). Graduation (One Day, 4 Hours in total).
  • Clinical Support: On Site visits from our staff of doctors, therapists, occupational therapist, nutritionists may be coordinated via administration. This includes testing for cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure (which takes place during week 1,8 and 12). Additional visits may be for the fielding of general health related inquiries.
  • Related Dues (All In - 3 Months – Ranging from $7 - $15 / Hour / Person):
  • Up to 30 Persons: $300 Per Person Per Month for 3 Months
  • Up to 50 Persons: $275 Per Person Per Month for 3 Months
  • Up to 100 Persons $225 Per Person Per Month for 3 Months
  • Up to 200 Persons $150 Per Person Per Month for 3 Months

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