Program: Government Wellness Program

Government Wellness Program (For General Public Or Employees)

(May also include persons with Limited Mobility)

Is designed to benefit the participants within the following areas:

i. Increase mobility.

ii. Increase flexibility and blood circulation.

iii. Engage dormant muscle groups.

iv. Increase cardiovascular and respiratory strength.

v. Educate via workshops that cover healthier options as it relates to dietary disciplines.

vi. Educate via workshops what hypertension and arterial blockage is and how to avoid such conditions.

vii. Keep participant’s spirits high, enthusiastic and motivated to maintain healthy lifestyle practices and disciplines.

viii. Participants lose from 8 – 60Lbs, lose from 3”- 16” of body fat, blood pressure normalizes, blood sugar and cholesterol levels drop, cardiovascular and respiratory conditioning significantly increase, overall conditioning and strength increase.

ix. Teamwork skills improve.

x. Tardiness improves.

xi. Overall disciplines improve.

xii. Creates, reestablishes, reinforces communication bridge(s) between departments.

xiii. Stats supports less sick days utilized. Less costs for employer expended on health related items. Overall increase in bottom line.

xiv. Ultimately, extend their life and ensure they are as condition free as possible in the latter years of their life stage.


Terms And Related Details

SAAF Provides (Program Details Per Participant):

  • Participant Orientations (2 hours)
  • Registration (2 hours)
  • 36 Physical Sessions … 1 Hour Per Day, 3x Per Week, Three Month Span (36 hours In total)
  • One Day of Educational Workshops (6 hours in total)
  • One Day of Cooking Workshops (6 hours in total).
  • Two Family Days (8 hours in total).
  • Graduation (One Day, 4 Hours in total).
  • Three Physical Fitness Tests
  • Clinic Support; 9 Tests … This includes testing for cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure (which takes place during week 1,8 and 12).
  • Clinical Support: Regular consultation with doctors, therapists, occupational therapist, nutritionists are coordinated via administration. Additional visits may be for the fielding of general health related inquiries.
  • The Training of a Minimum of 500 Persons Per Year. 1,500 Minimum over a Three Year Term.

SAAF Provides:

  • Two Fully Produced and Ready To Air Seasons of the SAAF CAMP Television Show (25 Episodes).
  • Full Production Support for any and all related special events that are connected with the program(s).
  • Any and all marketing material to promote the program(s) via mass media.
  • Full oversight and management of day to day operations inclusive of all components of the program(s).
  • An annual report inclusive of any and all statistics that cover the successes of all participants.
  • During Year Three … SAAF will produce and air SAAF CAMP (Your Country), which will include Your Country’s Nationals. Host Country will have Lifetime Airing Rights of All Three Seasons of the Television Show.

Terms And Related Details

Host Country Provides:

i. Three Year Commitment. Program will train a Minimum of 500 Persons EACH YEAR.

ii. Related Dues: $150,000 Each Year + Expenses. 50% Deposit at beginning of Each Term (entering into agreement). 50% Balance due on the morning of Graduation.

iii. Eight Round Trip Airline tickets per year (4 from Caribbean and 4 from USA).

iv. Private Housing to accommodate Six Persons for each term (safe neighborhood and within 30 minutes to training venue).

v. Two Vehicles with no mechanical issues of any kind. SAAF incurs cost of operating vehicles. Host Country provides maintenance if needed (and a replacement vehicle in the duration of repairs).

vi. The facilitation of legalizing SAAF as an Non Governmental Organization in the country that is legal to manage and operate the program(s).

vii. Promotional and Media Support throughout each term.

viii. Distribution via a Major Television Network for the SAAF CAMP Television Show.

ix. Training Venue(s) as needed (Size Of A Basketball Court or Football Field). Indoor/Outdoor.

x. Classroom for educational workshops.

xi. General Use Space for Cooking Workshops (may be in the classroom).

xii. High Profile Venue for the Graduation.

xiii. Commitment from governmental official such as Minister Of Health or President to be a guest speaker at Graduation(s).

xiv. Two Professional Camera Persons with Television Quality HD Cameras that may capture the content of the programming (over a three month span).

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