Program: Limited Mobility Program

For About $10/Hour ... You can achieve Your Health Goals!

Limited Mobility Program (LMP) is ideal for persons that have been neglecting their bodies (health) for an extended period of time. Ideal for persons who have issues with balance, moving vertically from ground to standing and vice versa. Also ideal for persons who need to start at the very beginning of their journey to better health. This programs begins from a crawling pace and gradually picks up. It is NOT exclusive to overweight people, LMP is for everyone! Participants learn the relationship their bodies have with sugars, calories and carbohydrates. Additionally, participants learn methods, disciplines and practices that will enable them to be successful with their health management for a lifetime. LMP is a full support program that ensures success with healthy lifestyle changes. Participants come in as strangers, work as a team to achieve a common goal; better health. They leave as a family!

Program Is Three Months * One Hour Per Day / 3x Per Week / M/W/F * 6PM – 7PM or 7PM – 8PM * A Sun/Tues/Thurs Schedule Is Also Available during the same time slots.

*In total, there are approximately 50 - 80 Hours to complete the program. The precise amount depends on the size of the group and will be discussed at the orientation.

 Three Months (All Inclusive)

- Entry Interview - Healthy Lifestyle Counseling - Personal Data Journal - Personal Photo Journal - Uniforms x2 - Personal Measurement Journal - Waist Measurement x3 - Arm Measurement x3 - Thigh Measurement x3 - Personal Blood Work Journal - Cholesterol Test x3 - Blood Pressure Test x3 - Blood Sugar Test (Diabetes Test) x3 - Personal Physical Conditioning Journal - Physical Fitness Sessions x36 - Physical Fitness Test x3 - Personal Weight Charting x36 - Healthy Cooking Workshop x3 - Health Education Workshop x2 - Exit Interview - Recognition Certificate - Recognition Day - Family Day x2

South America Locations:

Suriname, South America - Kennedy Stichting, Paramaribo

North America Locations:
New York City, P.S. 225, Oceanview Avenue, Brighton Beach, Brooklyn
NYC, P.S. 532, Eastern Parkway, Crown Heights, Brooklyn
NYC, Sea Breeze Jewish Center, Sea Breeze Avenue, Brighton Beach, Brooklyn
NYC, YMCA, Flatbush Avenue (Farragut Road), Flatbush, Brooklyn
NYC, Bronx, To Be Announced (Will Be Within The NYC Board Of Education School System)

*If we are not in your location, we have support teams that are ready for deployment worldwide for groups of 100 persons or more. Inquire within. Thank you.


Related Dues:

Caribbean: $249 - USA: $899 - Canada: $849 - Europe: €899 - Asia: $999 - Mid East: $1,499


SAAF CAMP has allocated $1,000,000 of Sponsorship Support for the year of 2017! When factored into the standard dues, the following adjustments apply ...

For 2017:

Caribbean: $149 - USA: $499 - Canada: $649 - Europe: €599 - Asia: $699 - Mid East: $999 


50% of Fees in Advance (At Registration) * 50% Due At Beginning Of Month Two. Click Here To Register Now!


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