Weekend Warrior Program

Weekend Warrior!  

You can achieve Your Health Goals!

Weekend Warrior Program (WWP) is ideal for persons that have been neglecting their bodies (health) for an extended period of time. It is NOT exclusive to overweight people, WWP is for everyone! Participants learn the relationship their bodies have with sugars, calories and carbohydrates. Additionally, participants learn methods, disciplines and practices that will enable them to be successful with their health management for a lifetime. 

WWP is a great starting point for someone who wants to get active again but is not ready to commit to more than an hour per week. WWP is not as extensive as the Basic Training Program (BTP). However, many persons that begin with WWP, eventually enter in to the BTP soon after. Program Is only One Hour Per Week (usually scheduled on a Saturday or Sunday between 10AM - 4PM). You may attend one session or many, totally up to you. Come as your schedule permits. No commitment.

 Each Session (All Inclusive)

Will provide you with a challenging array of various circuits that is moderated by one of our Master Trainers. Additionally, you will have the option to access our support team of health professionals for any and all inquiries or needs that apply to your journey to better health. Sessions are for approximately 50 Minutes. After you complete a minimum of FOUR Sessions, you will be eligible to attend one of our health education workshops. These workshops are very informative and fun!

South America Locations:

Suriname, South America - Kennedy Stichting, Paramaribo

North America Locations:
New York City, P.S. 225, Oceanview Avenue, Brighton Beach, Brooklyn
NYC, P.S. 532, Eastern Parkway, Crown Heights, Brooklyn
NYC, Sea Breeze Jewish Center, Sea Breeze Avenue, Brighton Beach, Brooklyn
NYC, YMCA, Flatbush Avenue (Farragut Road), Flatbush, Brooklyn
NYC, Bronx, To Be Announced (Will Be Within The NYC Board Of Education School System)

*If we are not in your location, we have support teams that are ready for deployment worldwide for groups of 100 persons or more. Inquire within. Thank you.

Related Dues:

Cost per hour vary depending on the venue that is being used. It is common for any school venue to be $10/Hour (per session). Some community center venues may be $8/Hour. Inquire within for terms that apply to your venue of choice.


SAAF CAMP has allocated $1,000,000 of Sponsorship Support for the year of 2017! Inquire Within!


WWP Sessions are paid for in advance. If you plan on bringing guest(s), please notify us in advance (space and training equipment needs to be double checked).

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