About Fees, Dues and Costs

About Pricing

Thank you for your interest in our health and wellness programs. It has always been a challenge for us to price our programs. As we are an international foundation and globally, the cost of living fluctuates dramatically. We try our best to scale it so that it is affordabe for everyone. With that said, please note the following:

a) The actual cost of at face value for our programs with consideration of the highly credentialed support team that actively participates thoughout the duration of each program can easily run into the thousands of dollars per program. In relationship to the services that the health professional support team provides for our program(s), A doctor typically get hundreds of dollars an hour, physical therapist $60+ an hour, occupational therapist $60+, nutritionist $50+, master trainers from hundreds to in excess of a thousand (depending on the client). Some participants obvisouly require more attention than others, as their existing conditions have a clear sense of urgency to address. For the average participant, a stern 80+ hours is dedicated towards their journey to better health within our program. When you put into perspective the overall results of what the average participant achieves ... the value is often immeasurable. As many of them begin with high blood pressure, diabetes, clogged arteries, even cancer ... and they leave the program condition free. Others fall into a very high risk category for heart conditions, strokes, diabetes ... the list goes on. The majority of them leave the program with nomiminal (if not any) risk at all for such conditions. All participants benefit from increased cardio vascular conditioning (stronger heart), increased respiratory conditioning and overall strength, toning and weight loss achvements. *Those who desire to gain weight, do so via the development of muscle(s) in targeted areas. All considered ... these types of benefits have immeasurable value.

b) Whereas the majority of us have no reservations about purchasing a phone for $600+ or designer bags or shoes for $300+, jewelry for thousands of dollars, a vehicle for $30,000+  ... or a fast food meal for $10. Yet, have no urge to splurge for a $20 co pay for a general check up at their local medical clinic. Pay $7/Hour for a salsa or yoga class. $50/Hour for a typical gym personal trainer or $100 for an hour consultation with a nutritionist or life coach, etc. Can you see the disparity within these expenditiures? The material items decrease in value and have no bearing on reducing the risk factor of us getting Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs). While the latter has a direct impact on helping us live healthier and longer. With more than 60% of the population (globally) being overweight and dying prematurely due to NCDs, it is evident that our priorities are no in order. With that said ...

c) Historically, SAAF has sponsored more than 1,000+ participants. Approximately 40% Full Sponsorship. With the remaining participants receiving from 25% - 33% sponsorship. Ironically, the ones that received Full Sponsorship failed to complete the program. They took up valuable spaces from others, came late to sessions frequently, exceeded the amount of absences allowed and QUIT before completion. This of ocurse was very disruptive towards the others. It is unfortunate that this happens, but as the Minister Of Health said ... "If they are not invested, they will not care about it ...". We then cut off the Full Sponsorship and supported with Partial Sponsorship. The completion rate and graduation rate increased handomsely and immediately thereafter.

d) We would love for our programs to be FREE to everyone. However, the nature of people during these times will not sustain such generousity and compassion. Where there are many that are truly in need (financially), there are only a few that will  focus, compromise and dedicate themselves for the duration of the program (and continue forever after) if it were FREE. The bottom line is ... If YOU do not invest, sacrifice and compromise to improve your health and extend your life ... you will NOT succeed in accomplishing your health goals. On our end, the support team combines their efforts from four different time zones to contriubte to every program. They work tirelessly and devote themselves to your success. Their normal pay scale is reduced to accommodate our foundation's charter to educate and improve the lives of our participants. They are actually providing sponsorship for us (SAAF) by contirubting their credentials and expertise for a dime on the dollar. There is no way that the average person could afford such a support team for programs such as ours. No one in your corner is a typical franchise or local gym trainer whose primary concern is to bill you for staring at you while you mvoe around some weights. After you stay with them for months (or years), you still do not have an idea of how your body interacts with sugars, calories, electrolytes, carbs, blood pressure, cholesterol, clogged arteries, etc. You gain some muscles in your arms, legs and glutes but you still have subcutaneous and visceral fat in abundance. SAAF does not train you to look better for the summer and then fall off the track after. SAAF does not train you to memorize movements for your biceps, triceps, hamstrings, glutes and abs using machines that you will never have access to (unless you go to a typical gym). SAAF trains you manage your health in a sustainable and practical way. SAAF trains you how to Improve The Quality Of Your Life and Extend Your Life.

e) Most of our programs are $499 (in the USA, we sponsor the rest). The Personal Training Program begins at $600 Per Month (depending on the client's needs). Most programs are Three Months in total. A standard payment schedule applies:

At Orientation (Reserve A Spot): Deposit of 10% / On or before Day ONE of Training; a total of 50% / Beginning of Month Two; 35% / Beginning of Month Three; 15%. It is IMPERATIVE that this schedule is met on time! As, any and all equipment, uniforms, items required for production of special events and graduation, etc. all require payment in advance to order and secure. If anyone is late with payments, it can potentially disrupt the flow of the program for the entire group. Example of a Payment Scale (for a $499 Program): At Orientation: $50 / Day One: $200 / Beginning of Month Two: $175 / Beginning of Month Three: $74