Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most asked questions regarding our programming. Click a question below to view the answer.

Most commonly a "camp" is referred to as a place where people stay. An alternate meaning of "camp" is an assembly of persons who support a particular doctrine or movement. In our case, we support the notion of a team that supports and embraces healthy lifestyle choices.

NO. There is ONLY one day trip (Family Day), which is usually from morning until 4PM on a weekend. 

When you fill out the Registration Form, there is a drop down box with option. We have a handful of world class programs. They range from Limited Mobility (the easiest) to Athlete Strength And Conditioning (very advanced). The most common program is the Basic Training Program. Our programs can host all levels of participants. Choose one that suits you and when you attend the orientation, simply speak with the coaches or doctors and inform them of any known physical issues. They will assess and place you in a program that is best suited for you. No matter which one you participate in, you will have great results.

Depends on which program you are in. Most programs in total, are 12 weeks. 8 weeks with the platoon (group) and 4 weeks on your own. 

During the four weeks on your own, you must demonstrate that you are capable of managing and continuing your healthy lifestyle practices and disciplines. If you maintain the results that you achieve within the first eight weeks and carry them forward (or improve on them) during the final four weeks (on your own), then you are eligible for graduation.

One hour per day, three days per week. 

Cycle I ...Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Cycle II: Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday

There are Two Main slots available; Slot 1: 6 - 7 PM ... Slot 2: 7 - 8 PM ... *It is common that after everyone is assembled, that they may vote to begin at a quarter past of half past each hour. To Be Determined. Additional consideration for morning session(s) Time slot from 0530-0630 And/Or 0930 - 1030  (if there are at least 20 Persons that request it). 

Brooklyn, Bronx and long island Check message board: "Locations And Venues” for updates along the way. Flatbush: YMCA, Flatbush Avenue @ Farragut Road ... South Brooklyn: P.S. 225 @ Oceanview Avenue, Brighton Beach ... Flatbush: Bnai Jacob / Head Start School ... 3017 Glenwood Road.
Bronx: To Be Announced... *We use school gymnasiums within the Department Of Education system citywide. Additionally, we use YMCA private spaces and Parks within the Parks Department citywide.

No. SC offers a better option workshops which will inform you how to make better decisions with your food choices. 

No. Only the people the want to be on television will be on television. 

It depends on which program you are in. Most commonly ... Spring 2017 Programs ... Flatbush, Brooklyn ... Answer: USD$399 ... South Brooklyn ... Answer: USD$499 ... Bronx ... Answer: USD$499 Long Island... Answer: USD$399 ... (Approximately $10/Hour, All Inclusive) ... *Graduation Incentive Bonus (GIB) ... If you complete the program, you will receive a $50 - $100 Value Package for your efforts. These costs are after sponsorship has been allocated on your behalf.  Make sure to check within the program descriptions for any and all related costs.

Depends on which program you are in. Usually the following applies ... 36 Hours of Physical Training Program - 4 Workshops - (Sugars, Calories, Carbohydrates, Electrolytes, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol ... 8 Hours In Total) - 1 Graduation Event + Ticket. Make sure to check the program descriptions for more details.

Depends on which program you are in. Generally ... 50% of total at Registration. 50% at or before Week Five of program.